"My work revolves around the idea of life paths, how we are all interconnected, our life choices and ultimately the brief nature of our existence"


Spanish-born, Londoner by choice, Tipi is a multidisciplinary artist based in Hackney, where she has lived half her life. Abstract painting is her main medium, but she sometimes chooses other mediums to explore life paths, how we are all interconnected, our life choices, and ultimately the brief nature of our existence.

Tipi holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, and while her professional life has spanned various creative disciplines, she is currently solely focused on her artistic career, having already exhibited in different spaces across London.

About my work

I like to explore the idea of how the course of our lives changes, what makes them change, how important the decisions we make are, and how they influence the course of our lives. This doesn’t just happen on a personal level; everything that happens to us and everything we do have an influence on others and ultimately shape our cultures and history.

Through mainly painting, but also digital collage, sculpture, and street art, I generate different narratives that reveal how the course of time is affected not only by us and our choices, but by everything that surrounds us and our moment in time.


The Other Art Fair, London - Oct 2023

Holy Art Gallery, London, Group exhibition - Nov 2023

Repot, Hackney Wick, Solo exhibition - Dec - Jan 2024

Two More Years - Feb - Mar 2024

The Other Art Fair - Mar 2024